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    Our engine for innovation


    Our engine for innovation

    Close collaboration with the client has always been part of our innovative DNA. That's why we have created our platform #Molina_Lab which is the meeting point to begin any development.

    At a time when innovation strongly depends on ever-changing consumers and an ever-changing environment, the pace of product development processes has accelerated to such an extent that it is increasingly necessary to work together as a team, overcoming the traditional client-supplier barrier.

    Developing together is our goal, that's why we talk about finding solutions beyond the ingredient


    Own facilities

    Joint development

    Local / international knowledge

    Focus on the solution

    Networking for development

    Value added

    Specialized equipment

    At #Molina_Lab we have a network of our own and external laboratories specialised in the industrial, nutrition, and health areas, which allows us to directly help in making the solutions demanded by each of the markets in which we operate a reality, developing formulations together with the client based on our speciality ingredients.

    Our Food_Advisory,
    a model of our innovative DNA

    In 2020 we launched our Food_Advisory department, a space made up of external specialists in all areas of nutrition (nutritionists, eco-chefs, formulators, etc.) from where we support our clients in the specific development of increasingly healthier and more sustainable solutions for their products.


    "Because we like to speak your language, discover our lines of work"

    Because by developing together
    we improve lives