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    We are responsible
    for a better world


    We are responsible for a better world

    Through our firm commitment to do business and act in accordance with our Code of Ethics which endorses our ethical values ethics, respect, innovation, integrity and excellence, since 2018 we have adopted a strong institutional commitment to accountability and organisational culture in line with the 17 UN sustainability goals adopted in 2015.

    We materialise our commitment through our value proposition
    “Improving lives through specialty ingredients and solutions”
    which acts as a central pillar in our development as a company and our interaction with employees, clients, principals, suppliers, and other stakeholders in our value chain.

    A stance that we materialise day by day in our way of doing things and our firm determination to inspire our teams to act in accordance with these goals.

    All of this is in line with our vocation to develop our business with respect and care for people, our main responsibility

    Documentation: Code of Ethics