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    “3rd Molina Agro Symposium: Crop resilience”


    Registration is now open for our 3rd Molina Agro Symposium in which industry R&D experts will discuss how to tackle challenges in order to improve crop resilience.  

    21st September 2023

    IQS (Chemical Institute of Sarrià) – Barcelona
    9am – 17pm

    Would you like to attend? Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis (free of charge). 

    The time has come to transform effectiveness into efficiency. 

    Agriculture plays a key role in the Spanish productive network and in recent years has faced one of the greatest challenges it has ever faced: the transformation process towards a more sustainable future.  


    We need to produce more, reducing the energy and climate resources used, in order to supply the estimated population in 2030. The direct focus of all this transformation is soil; there is an urgent need to increase its resilience. 

    And we are faced with these challenges: 


    R&D experts from companies that are already at the forefront of crop research will share their views and experience regarding these issues, namely BlackEarth, Borregaard, Perstorp, and Lallemand. The consulting firm GAB-SynTech will give us their point of view from a legal perspective and we will present projects such as Biolupulus or Ekonoke, examples of new, innovative, and sustainable agricultural production models. In collaboration with the Chemical Institute of Sarrià 

    Join us in our contribution to support the transition to a smart, sustainable, competitive, resilient, and diversified agricultural sector, while ensuring long-term food security.

    Come and discover with us the possible solutions to tackle current and future crop challenges.