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    Bakery & Cocoa Solutions


    Being confined to our homes during the pandemic period led to an increase in chocolate consumption (bars, powder, spreads and chocolates) mainly due to the entry of new consumers to all segments.


    This increase acted as a catalyst for innovation processes in the category, where the traditional health axis was joined by the pleasure-indulgence and “premiumisation” axes, all in search of a multi-age consumer profile.


    Aware of this new yet ongoing context, Molina has focused on the pursuit of new solutions for the chocolate sector in its multiple applications.


    All of this is being done through our knowledge and capacity to develop new proposals together with the client and the specialists from our Food_Lab.


    If you want to be innovative, contact us and find out how we can help you by working on:


    Functionality: increasing the protein content with Soy Austria’s texturised products, or incorporating botanical extracts from Duas Rodas that provide caffeine or antioxidants, or cocoa pulp to achieve high cocoa content chocolates with less bitterness.


    Flavour: incorporating standard chocolate flavours such as vanilla, dairy, butter, nuts and dried fruits together with innovation-oriented flavours that we can work on with you where the possibilities are endless (dragon fruit, dulce de leche, …….).


    Decoration: with fruit powder and pieces, and the whole range of Nigay sweets with different profiles (toffee, butter, …) in powder and flakes.