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    Our range of stabilisers from Ingrema Swiss adapts to the needs of your product

    Low viscosity ice creams

    For high viscosity mixes such as yoghurts, vegan and high protein products.

    Helps to reduce viscosity, improving production processes (aeration, pumping system).

    Dosage around 1%.

    Plant-based ice creams

    Stabiliser specifically developed for plant-based ice creams.

    Adapts emulsifiers, stabilisers and proteins.

    Dosage around 2%.

    High overrun ice creams

    Stabiliser with a special combination of emulsifiers and stabilisers.

    200% overrun can be reached.

    Dosage between 0.5% and 0.8%.

    Cost savings

    Stabiliser with which you can save up to 20% on the recipe.

    Possibility of production without skimmed milk using milk solids.

    Suitable for bulk and extruded ice creams.

    Turkish ice cream

    Stabiliser for use outside of the European Union, which provides the characteristic texture of this type of ice cream.

    In addition to our range of stabilisers, contact us to discover our solutions such as flavourings, caramels and butter concentrates, which will help you stand out as the best ice cream maker!!!

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    can improve your products

    Want to ensure they remain stable at high temperatures?

    Allow our technical team and the VANDERBILT MINERALS LLC portfolio to help you


    Veegum and Vanatural are two ingredient brands used in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

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    They can contribute to the stability of a sunscreen formula and improve its texture in multiple ways:

    Formula Stability:

    Veegum is a colloidal clay that acts as a thickening and stabilising agent in emulsions.


    It provides consistency to the formula, preventing phase separation and ensuring the ingredients remain evenly dispersed.


    Veegum’s ability to control viscosity and improve stability helps prevent particle sedimentation and ensures the sunscreen formula remains uniform and effective over time.

    Improved Texture:

    Veegum, when used in sun cream or lotion formulations, can improve texture by delivering a smooth and pleasant feel to the touch.


    Veegum colloidal clay has absorbent properties that can help to mattify the skin, reducing the greasy sensation sometimes associated with suncare products.

    Viscosity Control:

    Vanatural is a naturally derived ingredient line and, depending on the variant, can offer emulsifying and thickening properties.


    Vanatural’s ability to control viscosity is crucial in suncare products to ensure a smooth and even application to the skin.

    Backscattering of UV filters:

    Both Veegum and Vanatural can contribute to the even dispersion of UV filters in the formula, which is essential for effective sun protection.


    By ensuring the UV filters are evenly distributed, these ingredients help prevent the formation of high concentrations in some areas, which could result in uneven application and, ultimately, inadequate protection.

    Absorbent and Mattifying Properties:

    Depending on the specific formula, some ingredients in the Vanatural line can have absorbent and mattifying properties, which can be beneficial in suncare products, especially those designed for oily skin types.

    Overall, the inclusion of Veegum and Vanatural in a sunscreen formulation can significantly contribute to emulsion stability, improve product texture, control viscosity, and ensure an even dispersion of the active ingredients, all of which are essential for an effective and pleasant-to-use sunscreen.

    Ocean-friendly and Cosmos-approved.

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    Do you want to improve the formula’s texture or facilitate the formulation of your suncare products?


    Our TiO2 or ZnO silicone dispersions and the support of our technical team can help you today


    Silicone dispersions with titanium dioxide (TiO2) or zinc oxide (ZnO) are common in suncare products and play a crucial role in improving their texture and application. Here are some ways that silicone dispersions help to improve the texture of suncare products:

    A Smooth and Silky Texture:

    Silicones, such as dimethicone or cyclopentasiloxane, have softening properties and provide a silky feel on the skin.

    By incorporating titanium dioxide or zinc oxide into these silicones, we can achieve a uniform dispersion that not only protects against UV rays but also creates a smooth texture that is pleasant to the touch.

    Ease of Spreadability:

    Silicone dispersions improve the spreadability of the suncare product, making it easy to apply evenly and smoothly to the skin.

    The silicone acts as a vehicle that facilitates the even distribution of the mineral UV filters, resulting in a more comfortable application.

    No White Residue:

    Silicone dispersions help to reduce the white residue often associated with mineral UV filters such as TiO2 or ZnO.

    The combination of silicones and finely dispersed mineral particles ensures the product is transparent when applied and reduces the visibility of the filters on the skin.

    Improved Water and Perspiration Resistance:

    Silicones provide water and perspiration-resistant properties that improve the durability of the suncare product.

    Combining them with mineral UV filters maintains water resistance and ensures effective protection, even during physical activity or wet conditions.

    Light, Non-greasy Finish:

    Including silicone dispersions ensures a light, non-greasy finish, which is especially important for suncare products applied to the skin.

    They ensure the product is easily absorbed and feels comfortable all day long.

    Compatibility with Other Ingredients:

    Silicone dispersions are often compatible with various ingredients, making it easy to formulate suncare products with other skin-beneficial components.

    In summary, silicone dispersions with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide help to improve the texture of suncare products by providing smoothing properties, ensuring ease of application, minimising white residue and offering additional benefits such as water resistance and a light finish. These products are a popular choice for those looking to achieve effective sun protection with a pleasant sensory experience.

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    Discover our silicone dispersions with TiO2 or ZnO

     Alternatively, if you prefer to make your own dispersions, we have silicone dispersants that will give you a “wow-factor” texture

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    Cocoa prices have doubled since the beginning of 2024 and are at an all-time high.

    Crops in the major production region (West Africa) have been hit by diseases and extreme weather conditions, causing a global supply shortage.

    Anticipating this situation, we have been developing
    cost-saving solutions
    for a long time.

    Find yours!

    Chocolate bars
    Chocolate powder
    Melted hot chocolate

    Rely on our #Food_lab to reduce production line costs using the following solutions:

    Cocoa Husk

    Cost savings ranging from 5-30% (depending on application) as well as increased fibre content.

    Cocoa butter concentrate

    Cost savings of 10%. Allows us to improve flavour profile by enhancing long-lasting cocoa notes.

    Roasted malt flours

    Cocoa powder substitute that can achieve 30-50% in cost savings for bakery applications (biscuits, pastries).

    And find out how we can help you!

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    Egg prices are getting higher and higher and are expected to increase further due to new egg production regulations in Europe.

    To help you control your production costs, the Food_lab works on different reformulation solutions, either by reducing the amount of egg in the formula, or by replacing it completely.

    How do we do this?

    In two ways:

    • By using innovative ingredients that can help you maintain a great customer experience for your consumers.
    • Creatively combining traditional ingredients, such as fibres and vegetable flours.

    Here are some examples of recipes we have created:

    Egg-free potato omelette

    tortilla vegana

    Egg-free brioche bread


    Egg-free waffles


    In all of these recipes, the egg has either been partially or completely replaced without altering the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the egg.

    Find out how we can help you reformulate or develop your egg-free recipes for the food industry.
    – Bakery
    – Viennese pastries
    – Sauces
    – Ready meals

    Count on our egg substitute solutions.

    Because Healthy can be Tasty

    Hemos obtenido una mejora del escandallo de hasta un 15%  del coste sin alterar las propiedades organolépticas y características propias de un brioche (textura y sabor), conservando la proporción proteica del producto estándar.

    Utilizamos distintas fibras (lino, zanahoria) para conseguir la textura que aporta el huevo y conseguimos optimizar la receta para eliminar el huevo sin perder la personalidad del muffin.

    Contamos con ingredientes innovadores que pueden ayudarte a mantener una experiencia de consumo muy interesante para tus consumidores.

    What happens when you give an “all-terrain” active ingredient a longer and more prolonged journey? 

    Niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinamide) is a unique skin-restoring ingredient, a multifunctional compound that provides several cosmetic benefits, increasing ceramide biosynthesis, improving the epidermal barrier that degrades in mature skin, consequently improving texture and tone as well as reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.


    Nano Niacinamide Solution stands out by significantly enhancing the benefits provided by this versatile ingredient compared to its free form:

    • The active ingredient remains on the skin for longer, reaching the dermis within a few hours.

    • Action is prolonged due to its slow release.

    • The vehicle itself, even without active ingredients, acts as a moisturising agent due to the capacity of its components to retain water, providing even more multifunctionality to the product.

    Nano solutions
    Efecto dermocalmante · aporta luminosidad · antioxidante
    Efecto dermocalmante · aporta luminosidad · antioxidante


    With the added benefits of nanotechnology: it is more effective (acting on all layers of the skin), more respectful of the dermis, and more sustainable.

    Find out how you can offer your customers tried and tested results.

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    Todas nuestras soluciones en el universo de Nutrafood y Free from. 


    El refuerzo de la salud es un objetivo principal de los consumidores, que buscan una alimentación mas sana y natural. La salud se ha convertido en elemento clave para los nuevos desarrollos en la industria alimentaria. 


    Te ayudamos a desarrollar productos enfocados en los conceptos de: 

    Inmunidad Premix de vitaminas minerales

    Healthy sleeping 

    Premix de vitaminas y extractos botánicos 

    Bone Health 

    Premix vitaminas minerales y colágeno 

    Descubre nuestra gama de premix de vitaminas y minerales, Carotenos, extractos botánicos, así como harinas con alto contenido en proteína y colágeno

    Because Healthy can be Tasty

    Descubre todas nuestras soluciones
    para mejorar tus productos

    ¿Buscas reducir los filtros (químicos o físicos) en tus fórmulas de solares? 


    Con nuestro equipo técnico y el portfolio de KALICHEM podemos ayudarte hoy mismo 

    • Las cremas solares con baja concentración de filtros químicos ofrecen una alternativa revolucionaria en el cuidado solar, priorizando ingredientes naturales para proteger la piel de los daños causados por los rayos ultravioleta. Estas fórmulas innovadoras se centran en la utilización de minerales como el óxido de zinc y el dióxido de titanio, reduciendo la incorporación de compuestos químicos sintéticos. 

    • Al optar por una crema solar con baja concentración de filtros químicos, te sumerges en una experiencia de protección solar más consciente y respetuosa con tu piel y el entorno. El óxido de zinc, conocido por sus propiedades reflectoras de la luz solar, forma una barrera física que ayuda a prevenir las quemaduras solares y el envejecimiento prematuro de la piel. 

    • Además de proporcionar una protección eficaz, estas cremas solares respetuosas con la naturaleza son ideales para aquellos con pieles sensibles o propensas a reacciones alérgicas, ya que reducen los ingredientes químicos potencialmente irritantes. La reducción de filtros químicos también significa una reducción en la absorción de sustancias cuestionables por parte de tu piel, asegurando una experiencia de cuidado solar más pura y saludable. 

    • Las cremas solares con baja concentración de filtros químicos son amigables con el medio ambiente, ya que los minerales utilizados son biodegradables y no contribuyen a la contaminación acuática. Este enfoque sostenible refleja un compromiso con la preservación de nuestros océanos y ecosistemas, mientras disfrutas de la vitalidad del sol de manera responsable. 

    • Al elegir una crema solar con baja concentración de filtros químicos, no solo estás cuidando tu piel con ingredientes naturales y suaves, sino que también estás contribuyendo a un cambio positivo en la industria del cuidado solar hacia prácticas más éticas y ecológicas. Haz que tu rutina de protección solar sea una experiencia consciente, saludable y respetuosa con el medio ambiente. 

    Descubre Apalight de Kalichem


    Un ingrediente natural compuesto por partículas de hidroxiapatita funcionalizada. Mineral biofuncional y respetuoso con la piel para aplicaciones de protección solar.

    Apalight es un mineral biomimético con prestaciones comparables a las del dióxido de titanio, sin aspecto blanquiazul, sin naturaleza nanomaterial; presenta un perfil de seguridad único y su perfil mineral es compatible con el ecosistema marino, con un perfil relevante de sostenibilidad medioambiental.

    Apalight es un activo "dinámico" para la piel, que actúa como:

    • Potenciador de la protección solar 
    • Activo antienvejecimiento (pocas horas después de la aplicación – con acción probada in vivo antiarrugas y potenciadora de la elasticidad) 
    • Booster mineral SPF, que incrementa la protección y no blanquea 
    • Ocean-friendly, y Cosmo approved. 

    ¡Y descubre cómo podemos ayudarte!

    Crops are subject to adverse climatic events throughout their life cycle (cold snaps, drought, floods and heat waves).


    In response to these events, plants generate and accumulate chemically reactive oxygen species (ROS) in their cellular compartments. The generation of ROS during normal crop growth is a physiological requirement.


    However, during adverse climatic conditions, plants produce ROS at dangerously high levels. This is known as “oxidative stress” and causes profound and irreversible damage to plant tissues and organs.


    All critical stages of crop development can be affected by stress and oxidative damage.

    In vegetative growth, oxidative stress causes stunted plant growth and limited root growth, resulting in delayed establishment and development.

    This results in lower crop yields at harvest time. In particular, the reproductive growth stages of crops are highly sensitive to damage from oxidative stress, culminating in reduced fruit set and significantly lowered crop productivity.

    It is vitally important to protect crops against oxidative stress throughout their life cycle, from the early stages of plant growth to harvest. Growers require crops to maintain vigour and yield under stress conditions, similar to those that occur under stress-free conditions.


    Since 2007 BioAtlantis has focused on developing stress mitigation mechanisms in crops, using naturally occurring compounds isolated from marine and terrestrial resources.

    BioAtlantis currently has a portfolio of ingredients for inclusion in formulations for plant health, foliar and granular fertilisers, providing:

    • Highly concentrated liquid seaweed extracts.

    • Agglomerated algae powder with excellent solubility.

    BioAtlantis uses a patented multi-step extraction process and low temperature spray-drying technology, manufacturing all its ingredients according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP+) and is suitable for Organic Farming.

    If you want to find out more about BioAtlantis biostimulants, get in touch and our technical team will be able to advise you.

    BioAtlantis accreditations and standards:

    • Certified by GMP+ International bv

    • EU-approved for the manufacture of raw materials.

    • Member of the Organic Trust.

    • Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

    • EcoCert attested for a range of products.

    • REACH compliant (European Chemicals Agency, ECHA).

    With our technical team and the BIOATLANTIS portfolio, we can help you